Saturday, 28 December 2013

Make your own crackers

One of the things Nate wanted from Poundland was the make your own Christmas cracker set and as someone who likes being creative I was quite happy Nate wanted to something creative. On Christmas morning after opening a couple of presents we started to colour them in and put them together. Nate coloured in a couple, his cousin another two and I was left with a couple to colour in.

We found some stickers in a cupboard and as Nate loves stickers he decided to stick a few on the crackers.

The finished crackers ready to be put on the table. Nate pulled every last one of the crackers with a different person around the table and was left with a jumper full of stickers (the crackers had stickers, a hat and a joke in each one). Some of the bangs didn't work but overall they were great fun to make. 

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