Monday, 18 March 2013

No Bot The Robot

Not too long ago, Sue Hendra the author/illustrator of No Bot and a few other books appeared in our local book shop.
She gave a reading of No Bot and then helped the children to create a cardboard robots of their own, using pipe cleaners, a little cardboard box and stickers. Nate being one of the youngest, if not the youngest, loved the reading but as always loves to stand up in the middle of the carpet to get the best view. He needed a lot of help creating his robot but he genuinely loves drawing and sticking things down and still plays with his robot even a couple of months after the event.

On to the book, No Bot is a book about a Robot who manages to lose his bottom. Nate loves this book and some days we have to read it over and over again. The illustration style is lovely and deceptively simple, we love the way the front inside cover pages contain circuit boards with the pictures of animals. Nate can identify the animals within the circuit board and really enjoys finding the animals 'hidden' in the circuitry. A big thumbs up from Nate for this book.

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