Friday, 17 February 2012

Real Nappies

It's about time I posted about nappies, it's the thing we seem to do the most change nappies. When I was pregnant we had planned on exclusively using reusable nappies, that hasn't happened mainly as I'm not brave enough to test any all night. We do mainly use reusables though, even Nate's dad puts them on without having to be prompted. Everyone tried to talk us out of it, they smell, you'll spend forever washing and you can't get them clean were the main objections. All from people who hadn't used them, of the people who used them I just got a shrug and why not but don't discount disposables.
The nappies that get used first here are the Bumgenius sized All In Ones which unfortunately they no longer make. After that it's the Bumgenius V4's. Washing, well in the first few months, yes we did spend forever washing but that was mainly just baby clothes, and sheets for his bed.
We love them, I love them for the aesthetics they look so much nicer than the disposables you don't want to hide them when taking pictures. It's a shame it's winter as there isn't much opportunity for nappy pictures when it's so cold.

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